Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities, if not the most beautiful city in Europe and Hungary is very unique nation with a rich culture. It is also a place in tremendous need of the Gospel of Jesus! 

The Budapest Church of Christ is seeking to be revitalized by young people and to truly become a multi-generational church. We are looking for brothers and sisters with spiritual ambition to impact a whole nation for Christ one person at a time. We plan to restart a Campus Ministry to reach the over 150,000 students studying in Budapest and also a young professionals ministry. If you are under 30 and want to experience foreign mission this is your opportunity. 
Hungarian is one of the hardest languages to learn, so we do not require you to know it or to learn it but it sure helps (most of the young people speak English). If you’re not an EU citizen you would need a work visa or get enrolled to university here (there are excellent foreign student programs for very little money). 


You will be working alongside two staff couples. Adrián & Timi Molnár have been missionaries to Albania for 8 years themselves and can relate to living and serving in a foreign country and culture. Peti & Virág Szabad have been in the ministry for over 20 years and have recently returned from spending two years of training with the Boston Church. 


The church in Budapest was started in 1993 with the smallest mission team of 5 disciples. It is now about a hundred disciples, mainly families. As our children (we have about 60 kids in the church) are growing up they will be able to see your example of what it means to be spiritual young adults. The impact you can have will be measured in generations! 

About This Ministry

Opportunity Type -  Restarting Campus and Young Professionals Ministries

Minimum Duration - One Year

Required Language - English

Available Support - Information and logistics on the ground. Please contact us for information on other needs we might be able to support.