Buenos Aires, Argentina


The campus ministry in Buenos Aires has been kick-started in the past couple of years. Our main university, the University of Buenos Aires, has more than 300,000 students from the different nations of South America. One of the main things that attracts students to this university is the fact that it is completely free, since this is a public college. In addition to it being part of the top 100 universities worldwide, we've been ranked as one of the top universities in Latin America.


The city of Buenos Aires is considered "the Paris of Latin America." It has a strong European influence. Most of our population are of Italian, Spanish, and German descent, as before and even after World War II  a large wave of immigrants came to Argentina seeking refuge and a new beginning. Our people are full of passion and this is most reflected in our football. We have a great passion for the sport that makes Argentines stand out when it comes to football fans. One of the things that Argentina is well-known for is our meat--we arguably have the best beef in the world.


We've seen an encouraging number of students becoming disciples. Our campus ministry has now 30 disciples. Our campus is in the building stage, and as is true with all construction projects, there can be trials. We have seen that the disciples here need examples from mature brothers and sisters. Most of our members are less than three years old as a Christian. We want to create a culture where evangelizing and studying the Bible becomes a natural thing amongst the disciples. We've experienced a trial with the women disciples, with recent walk aways amongst the women, such that the sisters have received inconsistent leadership and discipling.

Volunteers will assist our program called “Build the Future.” The purpose of the program is to find and train the future leaders of the church. In addition, they will have to be the examples for the disciples here. Helping brothers and sisters reach a consistency in having Bible talks and evangelizing. We want the volunteers to help with discipling and even leading or supporting studies. Most of all, we need initiation.


Volunteers will be discipled by the other campus leaders here. They’ll join weekly meetings with the evangelist, elders, and church group leaders. The discipling they’ll receive will consist of how they can adapt their knowledge from where they come from to Buenos Aires.

About This Ministry

Opportunity Type -  Campus ministry

Minimum Duration - One year

Required Language - Spanish

Available Support - Housing provided or housing stipend