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San Luis Obispo, California


Join us for an exciting opportunity to kick off a new campus ministry in San Luis Obispo at Cal Poly University! You will receive hands on ministry training as well as access to other campus ministries/events in the LA Church. Please join us as we lay a foundation for the future!

The program will be run by Kip and Bethany Harms who have been full time in the ministry for 29 years and have planted churches and campus ministries for many years. Participants will be trained in weekly staff meetings as well as day to day Bible studies, sharing their faith, and discipling. Volunteers will also have opportunity to connect with campus ministries in Santa Barbara and the North Region of the LA Church.

About This Ministry

Opportunity Type - Campus ministry kick off at Cal Poly

Minimum Duration - One semester

Required Language - English

Available Support - Self-supporting volunteers only

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