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Berlin, Germany


"Here in Berlin, one cannot help being aware that you are the hub around which turns the wheel of history. […] If ever there were a people who should be constantly sensitive to their destiny, the people of Berlin, East and West, should be they.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Sermon at the Waldbühne, Berlin, September 13, 1964


The Berliner Gemeinde Christi — the Berlin Church of Christ — is seeking deeply faithful, deeply rooted, hardworking men and women to bring a devotion to God which compels them to tirelessly love one of the most skeptical places in the world. Coming to serve Berlin takes a decision to love Germany.  Those who want to serve here will need to find a stable place in the community and learn German: find a job or an internship, enroll in language classes, do a study abroad program, or enroll in university (BA or masters!).  Expect long, dark, discouraging winter months and little positive feedback or reassurance from the culture around you. Are you a person who can persevere through discouragement, rejection, confusion, doubt and indifference? Berlin is known for being blunt, grey, and under construction, but also for having a mysterious allure that makes her residents pity those who can’t live here and makes foreigners flock to be affected by it.


The opportunity here is unparalleled. This is a city like no other, positioned in Europe and in history to be a pivot point of change. Here you will learn from Scott and Lynne Green, who have decades of ministry experience and have trained people to become church leaders around the world. For the past 33 years, the Greens have been focused specifically on reaching some of the most skeptical societies in our world: thoroughly atheistic Mainland China; Seattle, Washington — the most “unchurched” city in the United States; and now Berlin. They believe in building with the “costly stones” and lead a training program focused on the quality needed for building to last.


If this immense need speaks to you and you want to see what God has in store for this incredible city, please contact us so we can talk more!


About This Ministry

Opportunity Type - Revival of campus ministry

Minimum Duration - One year

Required Language - English

Available Support - Limited funding available


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