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Pullman, Washington


The church in Seattle is pleased to announce the planting of a new church in Pullman, Washington. The town of Pullman has 32,000 people, and is home to Washington State University, the second largest university in the state. It is adjacent to the University of Idaho, just 8 miles away. We are seeking people who have a desire to make a difference on the mission field, and help us grow a vibrant campus ministry in Eastern Washington. We are also seeking families who wish to be a part of a missions planting. The team will be sent out from Seattle in July of 2015. We are seeking people who can move as soon as possible. We already have people relocating there, and will support a full time ministry couple to lead the team.

Washington state university is home to nearly 20,000 students, and the town of Pullman is a wonderful place to raise a family. Located 1 hour from Spokane, and 5 hours from Seattle, members of the mission team will receive support and training from a full-time ministry couple in Pullman, as well as support from Seattle and the surrounding Northwest churches. 

We invite you to be a part of history in the great state of Washington! 


About This Ministry

Opportunity Type - Campus Ministry

Minimum Duration - 1 Year

Required Language - English

Available Support - Limited housing available

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