Geneva, Switzerland


The leaders have been in the full time ministry since 1991 (over 23 years) and led campus ministries for over 8 years. They will oversee the campus ministry during the one year challenge program. Volunteers will get education in "campus ministry"; "leading Bible talks and Bible studies"; and "christian counseling"; join the European events (retreats, campus camps and European Bible School). Depending on your gifts, you will get training in "preaching" and/or "teaching". However, to be able to legally stay in Switzerland for more than 3 months, you will need to enroll in a campus as official students and join the classes (except if you come from the EE).


The Geneva Church consists of 60 disciples; 20 teens and 30 kids... so mostly families... There are 3 disciples on campus. The Church wants to build the campus ministry. The families are happy to host disciples from around the world who can spend a year to help the church build this great campus ministry. 


About This Ministry

Opportunity Type - Campus Ministry

Minimum Duration - 1 Year

Required Language - French and English

Available Support - Free housing, some scholarship for travel and/or living if needed