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Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is an island very much like mainland China in terms of culture and language. We've sent several mission teams to mainland China to build underground churches. As persecution of Christians in mainland China grows, we call you to come and help us to rebuild a strong campus ministry, with the goal that we will be able to keep sending people out.


We need you to come with a missionary’s heart.  At the same time, Taipei was ranked the best city for expats to live and work, according to InterNations (one of the world’s largest expat networks), so it can be very comfortable. Taiwan is full of friendly people.   The food is safe, inexpensive and great tasting.  Public transportation is incredibly efficient and affordable.  The Western medical care is here is affordable, high quality and amazingly accessible. 


You don't have to speak Chinese!  That’s because so many Chinese students are interested in making foreigner friends and practicing English. We need volunteers to go to our target universities, make friends and invite them to English Bible Talks. If the students are interested in studying the Bible, OYC volunteers may participate in the Bible study or transfer visitors to local disciples.


The lead evangelist couple, Kevin and Nadine, will oversee this site and provide necessary training. A ministry staff couple, Vincent and Flora, will directly lead this mission family and work with them. Since there are 400 disciples in Taipei, there are resources to shepherd your various needs. But there will be a balance in that this mission family will sometimes work on its own and other times meet with the whole congregation.


As part of the China Regional family of churches, this team will also learn from the successful experiences in mainland China and welcome and harbor those who were persecuted and kicked out. Their faith and experience will be a great example to OYC volunteers.   If you seek a great place and new life opportunity to love Jesus,  building your faith, please pray about what God has just now set your eyes on. 


About This Ministry

Opportunity Type - Church or ministry re-building

Minimum Duration - One Year

Required Language - English

Available Support - Housing or housing stipend


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