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Our Mission


The One Year Challenge is a program run by the Campus Service Team of the International Churches of Christ.


This website is a ministry of Disciples Today, which connects International Churches of Christ through a number of special-purpose websites. The One Year Challenge connects churches in need with members of the International Churches of Christ who are seeking opportunities to help.


Who are the International Churches of Christ? 

The ICOC, or International Churches of Christ, is a family of churches spread accross 155 nations of the world. You can learn more at the Disciples Today or ICOC Hotnews websites. 


How do churches or individuals get connected on the One Year Challenge website?

Disciples can register to get connected to One Year Challenge sites. Churches that qualify can begin the process to be listed as a One Year Challenge site by registering here, as well.

Is the matching automated?

Only partially. Because the decision to move to another location is a serious one, we will first verify church membership (for individuals), your contact details, and the exact nature of the request (for churches) before connecting registrants and churches.

What is the cost?

Registration is free for disciples who are volunteering to help churches.


Churches are asked to contribute $100 as a program fee to Disciples Today, which helps cover the costs of media that serve the International Churches of Christ.


For volunteers, the cost of participating in a One Year Challenge depends on the location.

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