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Is Your Church Seeking Disciples for a One Year Challenge? 


Are you leading a ministry facing an overwhelming task in evangelizing your part of the world? Are you building a campus ministry in a college town? ​

Use the below form to start the process of listing your church as a One Year Challenge site.

(If you are a church leader advising someone on taking the One Year Challenge, here's some help.)


Here are the steps to becoming a One Year Challenge site:


  1. Determine if your site will qualify as a campus ministry in a college town or a mission church in a least evangelized nation. Otherwise, your site can still be listed in the "other worthy sites" section of the OYC program. 

  2. Fill out the online form, here.

  3. The ICOC Campus Service Team will review your application. To be approved, your site will also need to be recommended by an ICOC delegate and must be led by a Full-Time Evangelist or be discipled/overseen by an Evangelist.

  4. After approval, each site must submit a video promotion (1-3 minutes) to be posted on your website page, and contribute $10/month (billed annually) to Disciples Today as a program fee.


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