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Still Thinking About It? 


Not ready to go just now, but not sure what to do next? 


Here are seven suggestions from people who have been right where you are now. These are things you can do right now to keep moving forward. 


  1. Go ahead and register, anyway! Registering for a OYC doesn't cost you anything, and doesn't obligate you to go anywhere. All the OYC site leaders understand that you may not be ready to commit yet. 

  2. Get inspired! We've posted some great mission videos at the One Year Challenge blog. 

  3. Pray! Ask God to help you think clearly about where you can best serve. Learn about and pray for the nations.

  4. Read about missions! Check out the great posts series at the One Year Challenge blog, and the missions section at Disciples Today.

  5. Spread the word! Like the One Year Challenge Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter. 

  6. Do some research! Sites like Operation World and the Joshua Project can broaden your vision. 

  7. Ask a OYC volunteer! Fill out the form below and we'll connect you with someone who is currently serving on a One Year Challenge, to help answer your "what's it really like?" questions. 


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