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Grand Rapids, Michigan


Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan. It's known for food, beer, and art. It's got a great downtown with lots of suburbs. There are thriving healthcare and manufacturing industries.

We have several colleges here: Grand Valley State University, Aquinas College, Calvin University, Cornerstone University, and a local community college.


We are a small church looking for help. We need people who want to move here and partner with us. Do we want to grow? Sure. But more importantly, we want to create a spiritually and emotionally healthy environment that will help connect people to Jesus.


There's a lot more we'd like to tell you about over the phone or face to face. We moved here to lead this church in the middle of Covid lockdown and we'd love to share this next phase of our life of adventure with you!


About This Ministry

Opportunity Type -  Teens Ministry, Campus Ministry, Church Re-building

Minimum Duration - None

Required Language - English

Available Support - Salary (depending), Housing, and Ministry Expenses

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