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Greenville, South Carolina


Jesus' goal was to teach the twelve apostles to obey everything God commanded him. He commissioned every disciple to not only baptize but to teach people to obey everything he commanded. 

The only way to imitate Jesus way of making disciples what is to imitate his devotion to loving discipling relationships. 

Our goal is to fulfill the great commission with every soul he gives us. 

At FirstRock Church we will disciple and train you to love people the way Jesus loved the twelve.

Complete the great commission one soul at a time. 
(Mt 28:18-19)

Make disciples, who make disciple-makers.
(Mt 28:20)

Make biblical disciples through loving relationships.
(Acts 2:42-47)


About This Ministry

Opportunity Type -  Church Rebuilding

Minimum Duration - One year

Required Language - English

Available Support - Partial to full housing 

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