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Missoula, Montana


Missoula, Montana is a small college town with about 12,000 registered students. Missoula has about 70,000 people, and it is a slower pace and outdoor lifestyle. The town revolves around the college, with many sporting events and international students who come from all over. Our campus ministry is in a rebuilding phase with one man, and five women. Montana is primarily a white state; however, Missoula is much more diverse and this has a lot to do with the college. 

We are looking for a man or two who will be able to come and help us rebuild our college ministry. During this internship you will be spending time with the Evangelist as well as the Campus Ministry Leader. This opportunity could potentially lead into a full time campus ministry position. This person will be trained in a variety of areas, including but not limited to leading Bible talks effectively, outreach, growing in maturity and helping others mature, bible studies, preaching every once in a while. 

About This Ministry

Opportunity Type -  Full-time support internship

Minimum Duration - None

Required Language - English

Available Support -Ministry expenses (full or partial)

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