Oslo, Norway


We are a beautiful church in a beautiful country with just a few campus disciples trying to reach a city with over 60.000 students. We´re eagerly seeking brothers to help reach out to students and build up a campus ministry in Oslo as well as to serve in the teen ministry.


We can provide a limited amount of financial help and housing to some or all volunteers we accept.


You will recieve Bible training, day-to-day discipleship and specific ministry training. You will also take part in the UK/ Nordic School of Missions as well as extended leadership training in the Nordic region.  


If you come from outside Europe, you need to enroll in a masters program to be able to legally stay in Norway for more than 3 months. The masters programs at the University of Oslo are tuition-free! 


About This Ministry

Opportunity type - Campus/ teen ministry

Minimum Duration - One year or longer

Required Language - English

Available Support - Housing and living expences